June 21, 2010

Charter School for Los Angeles

PARAVANT is creating an optimal learning environment for the students of KIPP LA at one of its new locations in South Los Angeles, CA. This plan provides 20 classrooms for 620 students. Each classroom has access to a skygarden which is open to the outside. This proposal also has multiple window seats, a unique student lounge space, and various floor openings which allow for moments of architectural interest. The walls on the classroom side of the corridors on the second floor are skewed. This distorts the perspective and breaks up the experience of the long tunnel-like corridor. The third floor dining area is a free-form exterior space, providing natural light through its glass walls to the remainder of the circulation area and classrooms.

June 20, 2010

Passive House "two" | Passiv Haus "Zwei"

PARAVANT Architects in Los Angeles, California is proposing it's second house using the "European Passive House Technology". Passive House II  is a two bedroom, two bath single family residence with a detached carport. During the hot summer month a movable sun protection louver screen is shading the glazed winter garden. During the cooler month the glazed area is used to heat the building. 
More information about how PARAVANT is using More passivHAUS technology in the U.S. can be found at our website at www.paravantarchitects.com or at facebook.

June 10, 2010

"Richtfest" | "Topping-Out Ceremony"

The residential portion of the project in San Jose Costa Rica just celebrated the so called "Richtfest" (German for Topping-Out Ceremony). This indicates that a milestone in the construction process has been reached. Completion is expected to be on time this summer. Please see below current images of the buildings.